Visit our dentist in Upper Heyford for all your dental care needs


Are you looking to register at a new dental practice with a dentist in Upper Heyford to call your own? Our friendly team of dental practitioners are on hand to assist you with your oral health care and offer a diverse range of treatments plans.

Our modern dental clinic is conveniently located in Heyford Park and is close to both Bicester and Banbury. Equipped with the latest equipment and modern technology we strive to offer a safe, comfortable environment with quality care for patients.

Serving the community for over 15 years, we offer general dentistry as well as cosmetic dental treatments and orthodontics such as Invisalign at our practice in Camp Road.

Transform your smile with the help of our dentist in Upper Heyford

Do you long to have a smile makeover? Are you hoping to improve the current state of your teeth? Here at Heyford Smiles Dental Clinic we strive to deliver cutting edge dentistry so you can enjoy incredible results. If you’re looking to transform your smile we offer a range of treatment options for you to consider, from teeth whitening and white fillings to composite bonding and dental implants.

As we understand that each patient is unique we offer personalised treatment plans for each individual so that you can enjoy optimal results at the end of the process.

For those patients who feel self-conscious about having metal fillings that are noticeable when you smile, we offer the chance to replace them with white fillings. Discreet and barely noticeable they offer truly natural looking results. It’s a great way to transform your smile with a simple treatment plan.

Consider Invisalign as your choice in orthodontics

Do you struggle with misaligned or crooked teeth that you wish were straighter? Invisalign is fast becoming a popular choice for patients here at our practice thanks to the incredible results it delivers. Some of the dental issues these clear aligners are able to correct include an overbite and underbite, misaligned teeth and even a visible gap.

In order to assess if you are a viable candidate for Invisalign a simple assessment is performed when you visit us for a consultation. This step includes completing a medical questionnaire form to assess your general health history. The next step is to have a few X-rays and a 3D iTero scan. This scan will help to create an overview of your mouth with special focus on your teeth, so we can determine what kind of dental issues you have and what would be the best form of treatment to gain outstanding results.

A bespoke treatment plan will then be presented to you so you can consider all your options and decide on a way forward. Our friendly team is on hand to help assist with any queries as well as offer support every step of the way.

Our teeth whitening treatments offer glowing results

Are you hoping to have glowing white teeth with an affordable treatment plan? Our dentist in Upper Heyford is able to assist with a professional teeth whitening treatment that can help to remove any visible staining or discolouration on your teeth. You will be able to enjoy the results in a short turnaround time with no discomfort or pain. Contact our receptionist today to find out more and to book an appointment with us.