Keeping on top of your oral hygiene with your dentist in Upper Heyford


Preparing your for your visit as a new patient

When visiting the dental practice, whether for the first time or the thousandth time, it can be a little daunting for some. Whilst a small amount of apprehension is to be expected, should you believe that your apprehension is bordering on outright fear then it is important to let the reception team know as soon as possible. By letting us know of your nerves, our team will do their best to work with you and create a relaxing, encouraging experience each time you visit our practice.

The first appointment, which we understand can be the most nerve-wracking of the lot, is an appointment to allow us to understand any previous dental work that may have been carried out, where we are now in terms of your dental care and what goals we may want to be working towards together. Although a thorough examination will take place, understanding the full extent of your oral health will also mean scans and a general discussion with each other. Creating a team with you is our aim, so that together we can maintain or improve your overall oral health.

Why is it beneficial to have children meet and attend appointments with their dentist in Upper Heyford?

Putting in a routine and creating positive associations from a young age are vitally important when it comes to dental visits. Whilst not all children have teeth at 6 months old, by beginning at a young age, you will be setting your child up for a successful and confident approach to their dental visits throughout child and adulthood. After all, a large percentage of adults who suffer from fears and phobias surrounding visits to the dentist, have not had the regular check-ups implemented through their childhood years.

 Working together and encouraging better oral health care

Teamwork is essential when it comes to dental care and this is something that our dentist in Upper Heyford takes very seriously. Whether a child or an adult, spending time on your oral hygiene can become a little tedious and therefore tasks that are deemed more interesting take precedence. The daily clean may get reduced in time or the quality of the clean may deteriorate quite quickly, leading to dental problems further down the line. Your dental team understands these distractions, which is why plans are put in place to ensure the continuous development of your oral hygiene process implemented at home, with check-ups at our practice.

Understanding your responsibility

Whilst our dentist in Upper Heyford is always on hand for check-ups, treatments and procedures, the majority of care is carried out at home leaving a large responsibility with the patient. However, the knowledge and experience to teach and guide you in your daily care comes from your dental team. We are here to help keep your oral health in check, whilst educating you on the best approaches to keeping your teeth, mouth and gums healthy.

Together we can work towards preventive dental treatment and ensure that you avoid extensive treatments and procedures wherever possible.