How to get the best smile from the dentist in Upper Heyford


It is an indisputable fact that a person’s smile can have a significant impact on how confident they feel about their appearance. Here at Heyford Smiles Dental Clinic, we are focused on making sure that all our patients feel great about how they look. We offer a wide range of treatments to get the smile up to the best possible standard and are happy to address any concerns or queries about how everything works. This is a guide to get our patients started in achieving their best look.

Take good care at home

As the dentist in Upper Heyford, we advise our patients to do as much as possible to look after their oral health at home. This doesn’t just help the teeth to look better, it protects the general health too. It is important to establish a good routine regarding brushing and flossing. We recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Contrary to what some people think, rinsing with water afterwards is not a good idea. This removes the protective qualities provided by the toothpaste and increases the likelihood of developing cavities. When brushing is complete, the patient should spit out any residue without doing any rinsing. Flossing should be done once per day. If this proves difficult, we can advise on a good flossing technique or on how to use interdental brushes if this is an easier alternative.

Visit us for check-ups

We encourage all our patients to visit us, the dentist in Upper Heyford, for regular check-ups. These are helpful in maintaining healthy teeth and gums as we can identify any little niggles before they become problematic. In doing so, we protect that all important smile. We also offer a thorough professional clean, which is very effective in removing any plaque or debris that the patient has been unable to reach with brushing at home. This also helps to remove stains and give the teeth an altogether brighter and whiter appearance.

Ask about treatments

We encourage any patient who is not completely happy with their smile to talk to us, as there is almost always a way that we can help to improve it. For the patient who has long felt self-conscious about teeth that are overcrowded or crooked, we can advise on different types of braces available and suggest what we think would be most effective on an individual basis.

If the teeth have become overly stained due to coffee, tea, red wine or any other factors, our teeth whitening service may be the solution to achieving the perfect smile.

Anyone who has a missing tooth or teeth will feel a dip in confidence. We offer a range of solutions to this, one of the most effective being dental implants. These create an incredibly natural look that lasts for many years with very little maintenance.

Whatever the issue our patient is facing, we are happy to help give them the smile that they really deserve. Even if they are a nervous patient, we work hard to put them at ease and make the whole process as relaxed as possible.