How our dentist can ease dental anxieties


For most people, receiving a text message stating that it is time for them to attend a biannual dental check-up will invoke emotions of extreme apathy and many people will try to think of a way to delay the check-up, or even to get out of it all together!

But for a significant group of dental patients, this check-up reminder invokes a stronger response relating to fear and anxiety. And that group is possibly larger in number than the apathetic group.

At Heyford Smiles Dental Clinic, our dentist in Upper Heyford is eager to treat as many patients as possible who have a phobia of the dentist or associated anxieties with dental treatment. Not only are we equipped to do so, but our team is sympathetic and compassionate and will not judge you for feeling nervous.

In this article, we will look at why people are scared of attending dental check-ups and our dentist in Upper Heyford will discuss ways in which we can alleviate these anxieties when you step through the doors of our clinic.

Why do so many people have dental phobias?

In our opinion, many people have fears of dental professionals due to unpleasant experiences in childhood, where they may have been berated or undergone an extremely uncomfortable situation while visiting their family dental team.

However, to get to know you better before you attend a clinical appointment, our dentist in Upper Heyford can offer you an introductory session, so you can explain the reasons for your phobia to us and for you to begin to see us as human beings, rather than anonymous people wearing masks with drills!


Following on from this, one way that our team will be able to ease your anxieties if they are minor is with open communication. We can tell you exactly what we are doing (or not if preferred) and will be happy to chat with you about anything while you are undertaking your assessment or treatment.  We always advise our anxious patients to inform us if they are feeling overwhelmed and as such, we can also book longer sessions so you can take breaks during the appointment if you need to.


For patients who are a bit more anxious, there is the option to undertake intravenous (IV) sedation which will put you into a semi-conscious state, but you will be able to hear our team and respond to directions we provide; you just won’t remember afterwards!

If you undertake intravenous sedation with us, you will need to have someone to take you home and keep an eye on you for 24 hours. You should refrain from driving a car or operating machinery over 25kg at this time for your own safety. If you feel unwell, contact our team.


If you want to be completely unconscious for your dental treatment, we can offer you anesthetic, but you will need to be under the eye of an anesthesiologist, which will usually take place in an outpatient hospital centre.


Our team believes in working with our patients to overcome dental phobias. We will always aim to maintain a healthy relationship with all of our patients to ensure that you return for your check-ups and keep your dental health in good condition. And we can advise you on ways to keep your dental health in top shape too.