A well-established dentist in Upper Heyford


For more than a decade and a half our dental practice has been providing family dental care to the community. As a responsible family dentist in Upper Heyford we promote preventive dentistry, encouraging regular six-monthly visits for the whole family.

Friendly and hospitable environment

Our excellent services are driven by an ethos aimed at providing every patient with the same care and attention with which we would treat our own family. We will always endeavour to keep your teeth and gums healthy with the minimal amount of intervention. You will notice that our approach is designed to put you at ease from the moment that you arrive at our surgery. You will be offered refreshment and you will be directed to a lounge rather than a stark waiting room.

Children, our next generation of patients

Being a proactive dentist in Upper Heyford we know and understand the importance of encouraging today’s parents to bring their children into the surgery as young as possible. We want to have the opportunity to teach the next generation what proper oral hygiene and health care looks like. Early introduction to our surgery means that children become comfortable with the sights, sounds and smells of it. We want to get to know them and for them to get to know and trust us and not to be alarmed that someone is looking into their mouth. Regular visits will ensure that they develop a comfortable and relaxed attitude to the practice. Our team is particularly geared towards a tried and tested preventive process to minimise tooth decay, especially in children. We utilise fluoride solution which is painted onto their teeth as well as a fissure sealant which is tooth coloured.

Full range of dental treatments

Keeping up with dental treatment progress has meant that we are continually updating our equipment and attending training in new techniques to ensure that we are providing our patients with the very best available. Cosmetic dentistry has seen dramatic improvement and we have kept up to date with the demand for clear plastic aligners, veneers, white fillings and teeth whitening techniques. Our training in more complicated techniques such as dental implants, stabilising of dentures, bridges and crowns means that our patients benefit from our expertise. When it comes to general dentistry we are able to offer fillings, extractions and root canal treatments.

Emergency appointments and anxious patients

Sometimes emergencies happen and we are able to accommodate those occasions because it is necessary to see a dentist in Upper Heyford as soon as possible if you suffer a chipped or broken tooth as a result of an accident. We also understand that trauma can increase anxiety and by playing music at appointments we find that it calms and actually reduces nervousness.

A dental service designed around the patient

Here at Heyford Smiles Dental Clinic we take the time to discuss and listen to our patients’ concerns and we take into account their expectations. We work hard at trying to make sure that you are given the best treatment, because we want you to feel like one of our family.